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This week I leave you my article on climate change and food insecurity that I wrote for I hope it is interesting and enjoyable for you too. Tell me what you think of the topic covered in the comments. Good reading.   link:


Overshoot Day

Today is overshoot day, when we begin to consume more than our planet can offer us. It means that from this day on, humanity is indebted to the earth, we are consuming today what we should theoretically consume next year and this has a serious impact on our planet, on the environment, on our own … More Overshoot Day

Overshoot Day

Oggi è l’overshoot day, quando cominciamo a consumare più di quanto il nostro pianeta ci possa offrire. Vuole dire che da questo giorno in poi l’umanità entra in debito con la terra, consumiamo oggi quello che in teoria dovremmo consumare l’anno prossimo e questo ha un grave impatto sul nostro pianeta, sull’ambiente, sulla nostra stessa … More Overshoot Day