Women fighting for their rights

It seems incredible but one thing that for us is absolutely normal as going to the gym for Afghan women is an act of courage that exposes them to risks unimaginable to us; In many attend the fitness courses in secret not to be discovered by their families. The most conservative families do not allow … More Women fighting for their rights


Jerusalem contention

Ever since U.S. President Donald Trump has officially moved the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, there have been controversies and clashes between favourable and opposing. The Palestinians have inflamed violent protests over the Gaza strip, while the Israelis claim their rightful right to number the city as their capital. The Palestinian Israeli … More Jerusalem contention

Gerusalemme contesa

Da quando il Presidente degli Stati Uniti Donald Trump ha ufficialmente spostato l’Ambasciata degli Stati Uniti da Tel Aviv a Gerusalemme, si sono scatenate polemiche e scontri tra favorevoli e contrari. I palestinesi hanno infiammato di proteste violente la striscia di Gaza, mentre gli israeliani rivendicano il loro diritto legittimo ad annoverare la città come … More Gerusalemme contesa

Historical meeting

Mark this date on the calendar: June,12,2018. On this day in the state city of Singapore will take place the historical meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong UN and U.S. President Donald Trump. It is hoped that with this long awaited meeting finally put aside all the hostilities, anger, hatred and grudges accumulated in … More Historical meeting

Incontro storico

Segnatevi questa data sul calendario: 12 giugno 2018. In questo giorno nella città Stato di Singapore avrà luogo lo storico incontro tra il leader nordcoreano Kim Jong Un e il Presidente degli Stati Uniti Donald Trump. Si spera che con questa tanto atteso meeting finalmente messe da parte tutte le ostilità, la rabbia, l’odio ed … More Incontro storico

Global military spending

For those interested, the new report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, has been released on global military spending. Interesting and very well developed in all its points as always. I leave the link- https://www.sipri.org/media/press-release/2018/global-military-spending-remains-high-17-trillion  – and if you feel like leaving your opinion on the subject you will look numerous in the comments.

Spesa militare globale

Per chi è interessato è uscito il nuovo rapporto dello Stockholm International  Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, sulla spesa militare a livello globale. Interessante e molto ben sviluppato in tutti i suoi punti come sempre. Vi lascio il link – https://www.sipri.org/media/press-release/2018/global-military-spending-remains-high-17-trillion – e se avete voglia di lasciare il vostro parere e la vostra opinione sull’argomento vi … More Spesa militare globale