The black heart of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia shows itself abroad as welcoming, open to the future and ready for dialogue with all other religions. We see all the beaches of Dubai, the glamour and modernity that attracts us but is everything as it says? Saudi Arabia has a black heart made of torture, rape and many, too many, journalists who … More The black heart of Saudi Arabia


70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

At 70 by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights there are many, too many, places in the world where human beings are deprived of all dignity. Torture, ethnic rape, genital mutilation, and many others are the dramas that millions of people face every day. That’s why Reporters sans frontiers also talked about it. link:

70 anni dopo la Dichiarazione universale dei diritti dell’uomo

A 70 dalla Dichiarazione universale dei diritti dell’uomo ci sono tanti, troppi, luoghi del mondo in cui gli esseri umani vengono privati di ogni dignità. Torture, stupro etnico, mutilazione genitale, e tanti altri sono i drammi che milioni di persone affrontano ogni giorno. Ecco perché ne ha parlato anche Reporters sans frontiers. link: