Food waste

Yesterday on my birthday I thought about how much food is wasted, how much food is thrown away when it really would still be good and you could safely consume. There are too many things, too much food that is still wasted here in the West and too many people who are still starving because … More Food waste

Spreco alimentare

Ieri in occasione del mio compleanno ho pensato a quanto cibo viene sprecato, quanto cibo viene buttato via quando in realtà sarebbe ancora buono e si potrebbe tranquillamente consumare. Ci sono troppe cose, troppo cibo che ancora viene sprecato qui in Occidente e troppe persone che ancora stanno morendo di fame perché non hanno niente, … More Spreco alimentare

Dangerous driving

Only yesterday a truck driver traveled two kilometers in the opposite direction, the truck driver was drunk and didn’t even notice, or was stopped by the traffic police. Fortunately no one was injured but for the other drivers who were on the road so scared and so much worry. All those who were travelling along … More Dangerous driving