Lady Diana, the mystery continues

The mystery surrounding Princess Diana’s death continues. Books and books have been written and countless newspaper articles have been made, from newspapers to gossip magazines. The royal family has been under review for a long time and even today the royal moves are being carefully analyzed to try to understand what is hidden behind that … More Lady Diana, the mystery continues


Pray for Amazzonia

The Amazon is burning. Our green lung is in danger of disappearing forever and the Earth will turn into an uninhabitable planet. Human beings and animals, plants and fungi will no longer find a hospitable planet but a terrible desert. The carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere will have devastating effects and we will all … More Pray for Amazzonia

Pray for Amazzonia

L’Amazzonia sta bruciando. Il nostro polmone verde rischia di scomparire per sempre e la Terra si trasformerà in un pianeta invivibile. Esseri umani e animali, piante e funghi non troveranno più un pianeta ospitale ma un deserto terribile. L’anidride carbonica rilasciata in atmosfera avrà effetti devastanti e saremo tutti a pagare il conto. Preghiamo per … More Pray for Amazzonia