An interesting article

This week I leave you my article on climate change and food insecurity that I wrote for I hope it is interesting and enjoyable for you too. Tell me what you think of the topic covered in the comments. Good reading.   link:


A good idea for the environment

Robots playing football, revolutionary greenhouses, mobility, new foods but, above all, sustainability and fight against pollution. And an ever more stable link between human and artificial intelligence: Maker Faire 2019 is transformed and becomes a place where to create and grow innovative start-ups that have among their objectives also the well-being of the planet. Because … More A good idea for the environment

Fridays for future

Fridays for future continues. Yesterday thousands and millions of young people took to the streets to demand a cleaner and more ecological world, a new way of life that is truly sustainable and environmentally friendly. Many support these demonstrations and the Minister of Education himself has said that those who are absent from demonstrations for … More Fridays for future

Pray for Amazzonia

The Amazon is burning. Our green lung is in danger of disappearing forever and the Earth will turn into an uninhabitable planet. Human beings and animals, plants and fungi will no longer find a hospitable planet but a terrible desert. The carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere will have devastating effects and we will all … More Pray for Amazzonia