Something tasty

Another week has passed and you can breathe a little after all the work we’ve done. Conference calls, endless meetings, a thousand things to do and now it’s time to say enough, enough stress, enough with all the worries and headaches we had. Finally the weekend has arrived and it’s time to take some space just … More Something tasty

Korean cuisine

You can also take a trip with food. Even staying quietly at home, only with recipes very different from ours that fill every corner of tastes and flavors innovative. If you feel like it you can try to cook some typical Korean cuisine. Food is also culture, history, ancient traditions of a people that looks to … More Korean cuisine


We all love a cup of coffee now and then. Who loves black coffee, who does not put sugar, who instead loves to put a lot of sugar until the coffee is dense and sweet, who loves coffee with a little milk… I have to say that I didn’t know about mushroom coffee yet but … More Coffee