L’Albertina, Wien

The Albertiba Museum in Vienna is a unique place to discover little by little, slowly, without running from one side to the other. This museum collects paintings by the greatest masters, the Great Masters of painting, from Classical Modernism to contemporary art, from photography to architecture, as well as the historical rooms of the museum … More L’Albertina, Wien


Culture on tv

Culture is on tv. Yes, because, next to the excellent programming of Rai 5, you can also see the channel dedicated to documentaries and broadcasts popular art. And it is not only a niche channel for intellectuals, with very long and boring explanations but it is a channel for the whole family where we talk … More Culture on tv

Art returns

After the well-deserved holidays art returns… great The month of September promises to be full of interesting exhibitions and cultural events from north to south. So we must take advantage of it. If you can’t wait to go around for exhibitions and museums you have to rejoice because the offer of cultural events, exhibitions, art … More Art returns


For some, collecting is just a hobby, for others it’s a real craze. I would like, if I had the right space, to collect antique clothes, with their charm of other times and the allure of beautiful women who wore them. I like to imagine the story, the life of those who wore those clothes and … More Collecting

Dogs in art

Dogs are always close to us, they play with us and they amuse us, they are close to us when we are sad, with a single look they can understand how we feel and our mood. How nice it is to caress a dog when we’re happy, put our heads against their soft hair when … More Dogs in art