Salone del libro returns

And here is a welcome return….. the Salone del libro!!! Also this year the Salone del libro returns to enchant us and surprise us with a sea of news. From 19 to 23 May there is the exhibition Wild Hearts, Cuori Selvaggi, that will host among others a touching intervention by Maria Falcone, who will … More Salone del libro returns


Portici di carta

I want to talk to you today about an initiative that is really suitable for the whole family. A cultural and fun initiative that is made especially for those who love to read all kinds of books. There are those who love crime novels, who willingly read thrillers and noir books, those who are passionate about … More Portici di carta

Dogs in art

Dogs are always close to us, they play with us and they amuse us, they are close to us when we are sad, with a single look they can understand how we feel and our mood. How nice it is to caress a dog when we’re happy, put our heads against their soft hair when … More Dogs in art