For vintage lovers

Vintage lovers will be pleased to know that in the Netherlands there is still a factory of cassette, just the musical cassettes that were so popular in the years ‘ 80 and ‘ 90, those that made us sing and dance on the notes of our favorite singers.
A young engineer 36 years old, always passionate about music and vintage, has detected almost for game an old factory now bankrupt and closed for a long time and decided to restart production with the same original machinery that he found in the factory.  In spite of all those who had criticized him telling him that he would lose only time and money, the young Thomas Baur managed to carve out his special niche market between nostalgic and vintage enthusiasts and what was just a hobby soon you It is transformed into a full-time job. 
Only last year the factory sold over 15000 cassettes and for this year it aims to pass the record, an excellent result for an old factory failed detected at the cost of a new car.
Certainly Thomas does not hide that every now and then production stops for problems with machinery and that he is obliged to repair them with materials of fortune since the spare parts are out of production for years, but the young engineer hopes in a revival similar to that happened for the vinyl.
Here is the link to the interview of Thomas to Euronews:


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