A good initiative, Apolide Festival

An outdoor green area, the Pianezze Nature Area of Vialfrè, nestled between Turin and Ivrea, in the heart of the Canavese, is the special place that welcomes Apolide Festival from 23 to 25 July 2021. Conceived and promoted by Associazione Culturale To Locals, since 2019 in collaboration with Associazione Culturale Hiroshima Mon Amour, this special XVIII edition is realized thanks to the support of the Piedmont Region, in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte Dal Vivo, and thanks to the contribution of the GAL Valli del Canavese within the project Explor Lab Interreg Alcotra Italy-France 2014-2020.

A special edition because, in a year marked by the pandemic, Apolis confirms himself, scaled down in format but not in substance, real attraction for the thousands of spectators who have taken part over the years: an example of peaceful coexistence between man and nature, a sense of community and a line-up that makes heterogeneity and quality its own guiding spirit.

Three days of live shows, concerts, performing arts and meetings, from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening, in a cool forest and shaded even in summer, in an outdoor show area and accessible to all. Perfect place to spend time together in compliance with anti-covid protocols that ensure the safety of the public, artists and workers.

More than 50 artists alternate on 3 stages.   The MAIN STAGE, the heart of Apolis, welcomes some of the most interesting names on the national music scene who have made contamination their hallmark. The first day, Friday, July 23, next to the jazz-funk fusion sounds of the Neapolitan duo NU GENEA we find those of STUDIO MURENA that join the flow of CARMA MC; and then the rising stars MARCO CASTELLO, the multi-instrumentalist already teammate of Erlend in La Comitiva, the long-awaited debut album Contenta Tu (42 Records/Bubbles Records); the debut tour of the young Italian-Palestinian artist LAILA AL HABASH (Undamento) and with a shake post-all ALL PHENOMENA, moniker of Giorgio Quarzo Guarascio, which brings his mix of songwriting, rap, high quotations and pindaric flights in the trash.

Saturday, July 24 Bingo with MARGHERITA VICARIO, a trip to Technicolor of one of the most versatile artists of the current music scene. With GENERIC ANIMAL, pseudonym and solo project by Luca Galizia who in 2020 released the third album Presto and who recently announced new things coming. TROPEA speak about dreams, digital subcultures, cringe life, while the alternative English rock and electronics draws the young singer-songwriter GINEVRA. Closing the day FABIO FABIO aka Marco Foresta of the collective Ivreatronic.  Sunday, July 25 meets the stage of the tour of FULMINACCI, which after the great emotions on stage at the Sanremo Festival, presents live Tante care cose (Maciste Dischi/Artist First) second album of the young artist Targa Tenco 2019. Dazzling interplay expressed in an unparalleled way on stage by THE WINSTONS, Enro (Enrico Gabrielli), Rob (Roberto Dell’Era) and Linnon (Lino Gitto); with an important creative vein, between analog synth and techno WHITEMARY, in a preview of his debut album to be released by 2021 for 42 Records. While Un tipo timido (UMA Records/Sony Music Italy) is the manifesto of the singer-songwriter NERVI, pseudonym of Elia Rinaldi, between songwriting 60 years, contemporary R&B scene and sounds decidedly cruder. The event closes the show of the producer BRUNO BELISSIMO who returns to perform with the new album Maison Belissimo.

The futuristic Parade78is the square around which artists and contemporary circus companies stage magic and enchantments, for a show that, organized in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte live, brings to the stage the Grand Cabaret of MADAME PISTACHE (23 and 24 July); the clown MIKE ROLLINS in It is not my fault (23 and 24 July); the acrobatic Three pigeons with a fairy tale of the company CIÈOCIFÀ (23 and 25 July); the fire show of IGNIFERI in The alchemy of Inner Fire (24 and 25 July); the comic magic of the CIRCO PACCO in 100% Paccotiglia (24 and 25 July); AVA HANGAR’S LOUNGE (23 and 25 July) and PARADE78 in Play, an animated games workshop (23, 24 and 25 July).  PARADE78 is also the stage of live music with SICK ADV, SLOKS, LUCE CLANDESTINA and ROPE (23 July); DJ STEFANO PRIMO AMORE; T VERNICE, MARCO MOU AND ZYP (24 July) while on Sunday ANDREA PASSENGER, INDIANIZER, STELLA MARASCIULO and MANIAXXX close the musical proposal that every day begins with the Woodmorning set of DJ and producer Alessandro GAMBO.

With a totally feminine musical offer, Buskercase is a real acoustic scenography. An intimate listening area, a space dedicated to contemporary music and publishing. Conceived with the collaboration of Reset Festival and The Goodness Factory, Buskercase is dedicated to the music and the author’s words of some young artists, soloists or in small groups: MARGAUX, BAOBAB! , ANNA CASTIGLIA and the Jam Session of the CANTO UNTIL TEN (July 23), THE IMPORTANT THINGS, CHERIAC RE, ROSSANA DE PACE, SELLI (July 24); on the last day the trioDUOPOTIO, FRANKLY, IRENE BUSELLI and the final CANTO UNTIL TEN that will gather all the artists (July 25). Here there are also meetings with the author: FEDERICA MANZON (23 July) with the last book The Wood of the Border published by Aboca Edizioni; GIANLUCA FOLÌ (Sabato24 July) with Ostinato Sguardo by Illustrator Italian Editions, while on Sunday, the researcher and sociologist ENRICO PETRILLI dialogues with COSMO of Notti Tossiche, his latest essay on clubbing and electronic pleasures.

However, Apolis is not only music, art and entertainment, it has always focused on nature and the area in which it has fallen and this year, with the collaboration of the Gal Valli del Canavese, enriches the programming of some extra activities: you can go exploring in an e-bike tour, with professional guides along the trails of the nature area, have the opportunity to observe the panorama from the top of the balloon.

With the commitment to enhance what is good in the literal sense, offers the Canavese, will be present at the festival a small selection of companies in the area that are responsible for rediscovering, revaluing and innovating the local food and wine heritage. A heritage made of farms, laboratories and wineries in which the legacy of the old generations is a baggage of traditions on which to base the launch of new challenges, new ways of thinking and acting.

In this perspective, the themes of sustainability and accessibility for which Apolis, together with the Gal Valli del Canavese and in collaboration with CPD (Consulta per le persone in difficoltà), aims to become the first outdoor festival truly accessible to all and with a very low impact on the environment.

Apolis is all this, a Festival that creates value, a value recognized over the years also institutionally and that has allowed him to win the nomination “Green Man Italian Festival” in the Italian Music Festival and ETEP, the European Talent Exchange Program, together with the world’s largest events and, more recently, to enter the international network KEYCHANGE.



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