Metropolitan towers

On vacation? Yes but in the city and on the towers. But is it possible to see wonderful landscapes and enjoy beautiful moments in a city, European capital? There are beautiful cities with very high towers from which you can enjoy a really beautiful view. After all, climbing a tower means exploring, seeing, knowing the … More Metropolitan towers

Spring exhibitions

April is coming and there is great desire to go out, take trips out of town and outings… But there is also a great desire for art, to see exhibitions, to participate in cultural initiatives… And spring is the best season to go out and see exhibitions and museums, but also new and interesting places … More Spring exhibitions

To not forget. Never

Yesterday was Remembrance Day. Never forget. Memory must always be, every day. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after…. All the innocents who lost their lives to Nazi-fascist barbarism must always be remembered, never be forgotten. We think of Primo Levi with his works, Anne Franck with her diary, and these are just two examples of … More To not forget. Never

The very British tradition of the Five o’clock Tea

“It’s five My Lady, it’s time for tea”. Here is a tradition, very British of course, that has become iconic, represented in films and TV series, written in countless novels. For the British, the five o’clock tea is something more than a simple tea, it is something that represents them, it is something that is … More The very British tradition of the Five o’clock Tea

Vienna, my love

Vienna, a fantastic city full of history and culture. A city that involves you as soon as you arrive and at the moment of leaving leaves your eyes shiny and a lot, a lot, desire to return. Vienna is not like other cities, you can not just visit and then store among the memories. Vienna … More Vienna, my love