The very British tradition of the Five o’clock Tea

“It’s five My Lady, it’s time for tea”. Here is a tradition, very British of course, that has become iconic, represented in films and TV series, written in countless novels. For the British, the five o’clock tea is something more than a simple tea, it is something that represents them, it is something that is … More The very British tradition of the Five o’clock Tea

Vienna, my love

Vienna, a fantastic city full of history and culture. A city that involves you as soon as you arrive and at the moment of leaving leaves your eyes shiny and a lot, a lot, desire to return. Vienna is not like other cities, you can not just visit and then store among the memories. Vienna … More Vienna, my love

Suite francese

«The most important thing, here, and the most interesting» wrote Irene Némirovsky two days before being arrested «is that historical, revolutionary events, etc. are barely touched, while the everyday, affective life is investigated, and above all the comedy that this puts on stage». Irene Nemirovsky, a Jew deported to a concentration camp during the war, … More Suite francese

Go to festivals

Do you like festivals? Do you want to spend a really unique weekend, fun and tasty? Here are some ideas you might like and enjoy. FESTA DELLE ERBE DI PRIMAVERA – Forni di Sopra, Udine A truly green festival where you can taste some delicious and tasty herbs FEAST OF RISOTTO, Villimpenta (Mantua) What can … More Go to festivals

FAI days in spring

Return as every year the days of the FAI spring. To discover enchanted places, landscapes of a thousand and one nights, rooms and entire buildings that are usually closed to the public. Like chests full of precious stones, the doors open and you can visit real gems that will leave you speechless. In the beautiful … More FAI days in spring