Salone del libro returns

And here is a welcome return….. the Salone del libro!!! Also this year the Salone del libro returns to enchant us and surprise us with a sea of news. From 19 to 23 May there is the exhibition Wild Hearts, Cuori Selvaggi, that will host among others a touching intervention by Maria Falcone, who will … More Salone del libro returns


FAI days in spring

Return as every year the days of the FAI spring. To discover enchanted places, landscapes of a thousand and one nights, rooms and entire buildings that are usually closed to the public. Like chests full of precious stones, the doors open and you can visit real gems that will leave you speechless. In the beautiful … More FAI days in spring

Culture on tv

Culture is on tv. Yes, because, next to the excellent programming of Rai 5, you can also see the channel dedicated to documentaries and broadcasts popular art. And it is not only a niche channel for intellectuals, with very long and boring explanations but it is a channel for the whole family where we talk … More Culture on tv

The art is closer

There are 100 works of art that will return to the local museums and will leave the large national exhibition spaces. The art becomes closer, more accessible to all and finally it prepares to meet the general public. If many could not go to the great national museums because too far away, uncomfortable or for any … More The art is closer

Torino Film Festival

An event for true cinephiles, the Torino Film Festival. The films in the competition are many, and all to discover. Between fantasy, comedies and cartoons that will give some moments of fun. Finally, this year the Torino Film Festival is back in the presence with a great desire to forget the past and start great. Because the … More Torino Film Festival