Overshoot Day

Today is overshoot day, when we begin to consume more than our planet can offer us. It means that from this day on, humanity is indebted to the earth, we are consuming today what we should theoretically consume next year and this has a serious impact on our planet, on the environment, on our own … More Overshoot Day



In recent times we talk so much about the new Cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies that use chain technology. Public opinion is divided between favourable and contrary. You readers what do you think? Reply in the comments, please.

FED vs Trump

Janet Yellen, the woman in the picture, is the Governor of the Federal Reserve which is the Central Bank of the United States and at a press conference yesterday launched a stark reminder to the newly elected President Donald Trump: don’t touch the Wall Street reform law ordered by Barack Obama, the Dodd-Frank Act, because … More FED vs Trump