Mission of this blog

Today I would like to talk about the mission of this blog. I know, it’s a bit boring and maybe you don’t even care but I want my audience and my followers, whom I thank wholeheartedly for subscribing to the blog, know well what I want to talk about and especially because I opened the … More Mission of this blog


Circolo dei Lettori

In this strange and difficult period I want to suggest you a site with many, beautiful, cultural initiatives. The Circolo dei Lettori of Turin offers its website for book presentations, exercises for those who will have to take the State exam, lessons for students, insights on important issues, a look at current affairs and much, … More Circolo dei Lettori

A beautiful initiative for those who love to read

I take this opportunity to point out a beautiful initiative for those who love to read. In Turin the entire historic centre with its beautiful porticos will be literally filled with books and you can buy your favorite books. And everyone will be satisfied because the books are of all kinds: thriller, yellow, fantasy, action, … More A beautiful initiative for those who love to read