Mission of this blog

Today I would like to talk about the mission of this blog.

I know, it’s a bit boring and maybe you don’t even care but I want my audience and my followers, whom I thank wholeheartedly for subscribing to the blog, know well what I want to talk about and especially because I opened the blog.

My blog wants to talk about art, culture, exhibitions and museums, the environment, even travel, and everything in the most objective way possible. The goal is to create a network of people interested in these topics that can talk to each other, exchange ideas, advice and suggestions and maybe follow each other on their blogs or YouTube channels, social channels if they wish.

When you leave me comments I am more than happy to read you and very often I go on the Internet and look for your blogs to read them, or at least read an article that particularly struck me.

Telling my experiences in this blog is for me relaxing and formative, because reading and writing you learn. I opened my blog with a thousand doubts and a thousand perplexities and instead I must say that reading your comments is like feeling close and for this I just have to thank you.

And this was to explain the blog’s mission and to thank you again.



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