Education in Haiti



After the devastating earthquake in Haiti was a place full of rubble where the inhabitants forced to flee their homes destroyed were living in temporary camps, dirty and overcrowded tents, without being guaranteed the most basic hygienic conditions.
In those fields for children in Haiti, there was no room for appropriate education and many suffered daily abuse of all kinds; the one thing they all knew was misery, that joined the terror of new abuses. Diseases spread quickly and many people became sick, with the certainty of not being able to receive appropriate treatment and be able to take the drugs they needed.
The wounds of the earthquake, there were new diseases that were due to the lack of proper hygiene and unhealthy environment of the camps.
Today, six years after the earthquake, something is changing and many schools have resumed work, thus ensuring youngsters to learn in a safe environment surrounded by teachers and educators attentive to their needs, supported also by psychologists experts that help as much as possible, to overcome the trauma of years very hard where the only law was that of violence.
Emblematic is the story of Reynane, a young girl of fifteen who following the earthquake of 2010 had to undergo amputation of one leg. At first she was very tough to accept the changes and pains due to the missing limb, not counting all the difficulty of learning to walk with a prosthesis.
She did not want to go to school and remained locked in what remained of his home in shame. Today, with the help of specialized teachers and psychologists, also for Reynane life has begun again: she began to go to school and has regained all his friends who have received with joy in their group; she also attends courses designed specifically for women amputees, where she can blow off steam and relate with other peers who have suffered the same trauma.
His family is very poor but, with the help of some non-governmental organizations, the father was able to reconstruct the part of house collapsed due to the earthquake, and his mother has found a part time job as a domestic worker; Reynane also has a great desire to study and undertake to help herself and her loved ones.
Life in Haiti is not easy for younger and, although the media aren’t talking about it more, there are so many people in trouble who need everything and live in unsanitary and overcrowded tents, and there are still many buildings and infrastructure to reconstruct.


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