The shame of violence against women


In recent days the number and ferocity of the violence against women have reached alarming levels, which strongly featured the issue of how to protect women. A 16-year-old girl in Brazil was raped by a group of 33 men who then they abandoned alone and wearing all the signs of brutal aggression, in India another young girl was raped and then hanged, but if Brazil and India are countries far away, even in Italy things are not better, if you think of the student of only 22 years burned alive by her boyfriend , all taken from an insane jealousy which became killer instinct.
The scourge of violence against women is widespread throughout the world, too widespread, and you can never let your guard down against a phenomenon that is often not even denounced by women and girls who suffer from fear or shame and because often the executioners are fathers, brothers, boyfriends, loved ones who should love and protect and instead become the worst tormentors.
The poorest countries are those where there is the largest number of cases of violence, but even in the richest countries there are so many women and girls who suffer in silence and when they try to scream their pain not being heard. In the poorest suburbs of big cities and neighborhoods elegant, gender-based violence knows no social status and very often involves very young girls that can’t even describe the horror they have suffered.
This post is meant to be a way to stop gender-based violence, a shame that concerns all countries of the world, without exception.


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