The European Commission opens to Uber and Airnbn


First important award for new companies in the field of sharing economy: the European Commission has opened two new startups Uber and Airbnb, offering chauffeur driven car services and rental of holiday apartments in major cities.

According to the European Commission does not make sense to ban Uber and Airbnb and apply sanctions against these new realities as is happening in many European countries. the sharing economy if well managed can become a great resource for the future and create many new jobs. Open the door to companies like Uber and Airbnb means opening the door to innovation and modernity because in the future there will be more and more forms of participatory economics ranging encouraged, not suppressed or punished.

Attract new startups in Europe means attracting new investments that can give new impetus to the weak economic recovery, not to mention that new investment will mean new jobs and salaries that will increase consumption.

Cab drivers and hotel managers don’t agree with this new policy of openness of the European Commission: trade associations think that companies like Uber and Airnbn are a form of unfair competition which negatively affects the rights not only of workers who are paid much less, but also consumers because they do not provide good quality service.

The dispute between traditional economics and sharing economy goes back and is going to be very long.


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