The sad life of Lake Chad’s children


The many children who live in African States overlooking the Lake Chad have experienced in their lives only poverty, malnutrition and the violence that only men lacking any sensitivity and any semblance of humanity as Boko Haram militants know cause to a child.

In those beautiful lands which overlook the charming Lake Chad, there is no place for dreams and the toddlers games: poverty and misery are always present and many children and teenagers are sent very early in the job with the hope that they can contribute to the meager family budget, and the work is often done in precarious conditions with hazardous and poisonous materials. These children suffer from all the problems caused by exposure to toxic substances and by chronic malnutrition in those areas and continue to lose their lives to diseases that to us seem to belong to ancient times.

The terrorist organization Boko Haram carries out raids for many years and attacks in that area and very often children are abducted to be used as human shields and improvised soldiers, while the girls are used as slaves, subjected to all kinds of violence and forced into marriage with militiamen much larger than them. The United Nations has estimated that a suicide attack on four has been conducted by a minor, drugged or threatened. Are at least 1.4 million children displaced by Lake Chad, which had to abandon everything, even their parents, and now they live in huge refugee camps where it is not always possible to guarantee them a proper education and a better future.

Humanitarian organizations and their sent complaining that reach some areas to deliver basic necessities is becoming increasingly difficult and that even among adults in cases of malnutrition are rapidly and steadily increasing; Some are so exhausted that they can no longer stand, while children have swollen faces and eyes dug out, clear signs of malnutrition.



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