Weapons market


Also this year the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has published data on trafficking of arms and military equipment in the world and as always these data reflect and show how the traffic of weapons, even illegal, is thriving.
According to SIPRI, even if the production of armaments in most industrialized countries declined slightly on arms trafficking has grown in 2016 of 14% over the previous year and compared to 2006 periods2010 and 20112015.  The largest manufacturers of weapons and military equipment are located in the United States and Western Europe and this is giants such as Boeing, Loockheed Martin, Airbus Group, without forgetting the Italian Finmeccanica, but also companies are entering the market of emerging countries such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and Brazil who thrive thanks to the large quantities of weapons purchased by their Governments.

The five largest arms suppliers in the world are undoubtedly United States, Russia, China, France and Germany, and armaments products these Countries end up fueling those conflicts in the Middle East and Africa that go on for years and are creating thousands of victims and displaced persons. The instability of these areas is by flying to arms trafficking and often ruthless warlords are fueling of military supplies to terrorize the civilian population and make real massacres.

Even the arms embargoes placed by the United Nations and the European Union, only 38 were in 2015, they failed to reverse the growth trend of trafficking in arms and quite possibly in the next few years the war industry market will be growing. The bans violated and circumvented that concern the traffic of arms and related materiel shall ensure that the amount of weapons, even illegal, is always very high and to pay the highest price are as always the weakest as women and children.
For more information please visit the official website of SIPRI: https://sipri.org/


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