For the protection of journalists

I want to make my own an appeal launched by Reporter Sans Frontieres for the creation of a special representative of the United Nations for the protection of journalists, independent and free, which responds directly to the Secretary General.

Since 2005 journalists who have lost their lives just because they were doing their job with skill and professionalism are 787, a number that is really too high. War reporters every day risk their lives to tell what is happening in the hot areas of the planet and to guarantee all of us the right to be always informed and is more than right that they are protected at best.
RSF joins the large number of international organizations and personalities who support the creation of a special representative of the United Nations for the safety of journalists. The general mobilization for this campaign is bigger day by day. If the United Nations is to be appointed as a Special Representative, journalists will have the hope of working in complete safety.  If the journalists are not protected the right to information will not be guaranteed and reign propaganda and violent extremism. ”
This is the appeal of reporter Sans Frontieres and I feel I fully agree with it.
On the site you can read the original document and sign the petition to ask the United Nations more protection for those who make the information their trade.
Friends readers and Bloggers hope you join numerous.


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