The perverse fascination of crime

The stories of troubled crimes and heinous crimes have always had a perverse fascination that attracts the human mind. We read articles, Yellow books, we follow films and TV series crime-themed and above all we are interested  in the news stories of recent and older proposals from newspapers and news.

From the crime of Cogne to Avetrana, the crimes move in our psyches that sense of the perverse and the forbidden that good manners and education teach us to keep hidden and never to emerge, to leave in the bottom of the psyche with the darkest thoughts. Crime attracts and much, too often, turns into that morbid curiosity that eventually hinders the real investigations and puts in the background the right and proper respect for the victims.

The too much curiosity, the too much media interest, make the crime almost fascinating, make us forget that however the events happened are the result of bad and twisted minds that have not had any respect for the life of another person who was in conditions of physical and psychological inferiority. The media attention around the particularly gory cases of chronicle is very high but in the vast majority of times it serves only to make audiences and not to help those who conduct the investigations to ascertain the truth.

The processes not done in courtrooms but on social or television salons make a heinous crime almost like a role-playing game, leaving out the fact that true justice is not made of like and shares or the amount of share of a TV program. The truth about what really happened, how things went, the distinction between guilty and innocent is far more than a post about a social or a debate on TV.

The media processes do not serve to seek the truth, only to feed the morbid curiosity of an audience that sees everything as a film, does not realize that we talk about reality and not of film fiction with real people who need real justice.




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