Spy story in London

After the case of the former Russian spy Skripal and his daughter poisoned with a powerful nerve agent, here is another shadow falls on London. A couple in their 40s was poisoned by the same nerve agent who hit Skripal and his daughter and in the same area.

The town where the couple was poisoned is very close to the one where the Russian spy and his daughter were hit a few months ago and, coincidence, the hospital in which the two were brought to receive the care of the case is just the same as the Russian agent and the FI Were brought after they were noticed as they accasciavano to the ground in a public garden. The first police officer who had rescued them had noticed immediately that something was wrong and that there was probably a poison powerful enough to put a human being out of the game in a few minutes.

A crossfire of accusations and accusations between London and Moscow had immediately started, and the tension between the two countries had risen to ever-seen levels that had made fear the return of the Cold War. No official representative of the British Government has participated in the football World Cup that is taking place in Russia these days.

But this new case of nerve gas poisoning, the second in a few months, is somewhat suspicious and cannot be defined as a mere unfortunate coincidence. The British authorities say that the couple may have come involuntarily in contact with contaminated objects but not long ago the same authorities said that the place where Skripal and daughter had been poisoned had been completely reclaimed and that There was no danger that traces of poison had remained intact.

And Russia that has always denied being responsible for the matter? Did the Kremlin really send in Britain trained spies who had the precise task of killing Skripal and their daughter? What responsibility does the Russian government really have in the matter?

This ever more intricate spy story is tinged with yellow and is interwoven with the power and state games between London and Moscow; Most likely the real truth will never know.



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