Women for Peace

Women who undertake every day to bring peace, between sacrifices and races against time to save the weakest. They are women who are not afraid, who never give up and do not break down.

They are in all peace missions because they know that women are the weakest part in the event of armed conflict, being women who speak with other women is often the only opportunity to establish a dialogue with the civilian population. Often the missions are risky and full of dangers but these women know that their work is very useful and important for everyone, for this every day with determination and sweetness are there, in the forefront.

The SIPRI, the International Institute for Peace Research in Stockholm, dedicates to these women a book, in which it analyzes every missin of peace and its impact on women.

link: https://www.sipri.org/publications/2018/sipri-policy-papers/trends-womens-participation-un-eu-and-osce-peace-operations



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