Mother’s day

Tomorrow will be Mother’s Day, so to all mothers best wishes! Yes, Mother’s Day is a special day that every daughter, or son, should celebrate by giving something felt and symbolizing a special moment for their mother. We celebrate our moms and give them something beautiful, and it doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not … More Mother’s day


Stop body shaming

Stop body shaming. Stop making fun of me. Stop the malevolent talk about the body and its alleged flaws. Every woman can be thin, fat, tall, short, white, black….. but she’s still a woman. Every woman has the full right to go out of the house with clothes that she likes most, that enhance it, … More Stop body shaming

Gender equality

This article is aimed at women but also men. Often when we talk about gender equality we end up focusing on the usual clichés that are now old and moreover cannot really explain what is hidden behind this expression. Gender equality is equal treatment for men and women at work, in private life, in our … More Gender equality

Womens’ Day

“Today, International Women’s Day, best wishes to all of us women who strive every day to equal opportunities for equal rights and against violence and genital mutilation that are still common practice in many countries around the world. Although many still seek today, in 2017, to deny it is us women the true pillars of … More Womens’ Day

Voltage Christmas

It’s a Christmas approaching one voltage: in many areas of the planet breathes an atmosphere laden with hate, the recriminations continue and are increasingly lit. Particularly in France continues the fight of yellow vest against the President, who now threatens Macron really end up in the minority and losing all its electoral outcome, and perhaps … More Voltage Christmas

Women for Peace

Women who undertake every day to bring peace, between sacrifices and races against time to save the weakest. They are women who are not afraid, who never give up and do not break down. They are in all peace missions because they know that women are the weakest part in the event of armed conflict, … More Women for Peace