2019 has arrived, and now?

This 2019, very expected and done desire, has you/he/she arrived but does thing wait us?

The problems of the world are here still all, they have not magically been resolved, and the poorest zones of the planet remember that we must give us to do for guaranteeing to all one dignified life, equitable and solidare.

The tension on the Baltic Sea, between Ukraine and Russia, continuous from 2014 and it will be difficult that you calm down, too complicated they are the relationships among two States to come to a true accord of peace. Also between Atlantic Alliance and Russia a real cold still reigns, and the escalation is always possible, they are so many the provocations of a part and the other to the confinements, the near exercises too much and the troops always more heavily armies.

In Africa this year they will be held the elections in six Countries, but it is especially in Libya that he remains with the suspended breath. The tortured Country north African in fact it will try to give him a new political and institutional order, but it will need to find an accord among To the Sarraj and Haftar and it won’t be easy. The two diametrically represents opposite affairs and they wants both to take the command of Libya, it will be difficult that they succeed in getting along.

Now the climatic changes must be faced also, it is the time to start to stop speaking and to take concrete decisions. To the lectures on the climate organized by the United Nations it speaks so much but at the end the concrete results are little.
Our planet is suffering, the rise of the temperatures risks to become too raised, and if we don’t take shared measures and supported by all I lend it will be too late. Waves of heat or cold, frequent catastrophes more and more of they remember that we cannot wait anymore.

And these are only three of the most urgent things, the world must also deal with immigration, safety and terrorism of so many other threats that risk to overwhelm us. We hope that 2019 brings us fortune.




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