Womens’ Day

Today, International Women’s Day, best wishes to all of us women who strive every day to equal opportunities for equal rights and against violence and genital mutilation that are still common practice in many countries around the world.
Although many still seek today, in 2017, to deny it is us women the true pillars of society because we sobbarchiamo the weight of so many different responsibilities in different roles without a breather: work, housekeeping and child rearing, cleaning, buy and prepare food and much more. We are always women who struggle every day against prejudice that it takes submissive male authority, subject, schive forced to follow unsolicited advice data from those who just want to let us go wrong and demoralize.
But despite all seek always to put a spoke in the wheels are always women and we don’t give up ever so that we may be stronger than the adversities of life!!!
Congratulations to all of us, beautiful and special, just Women!!!”
This way it said by my article about the Women’s Day of two years ago. And now?

Unfortunately the discriminations and the killings remain for that ugly beast that is the jealousy. Us women we must know about everything and well, and there is never anybody that valorizes us and nobody listens to us. Nobody is to our side when someone hurts us, anybody it helps us when we suffer abuses and discriminations.

In some parts of the world for the women to be free is still a dream, and it won’t easily realize him so much. Women that every single day they are found the doors beaten in face I am everywhere of it, yet we must be always kind and sweets, are confined otherwise as if we were contagious.

Us women we look before and we hope that the world changes, but it is indeed at times hard to be optimist. But despite everything we try not to demolish us and to never surrender us, therefore wishes to all of us, Women.




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