Dangerous driving

Only yesterday a truck driver traveled two kilometers in the opposite direction, the truck driver was drunk and didn’t even notice, or was stopped by the traffic police. Fortunately no one was injured but for the other drivers who were on the road so scared and so much worry.

All those who were travelling along the flower highway were appalled to say the least by such dangerous behaviour with alcohol levels that it was far above permit. It may seem an isolated case but unfortunately cases like this are much more frequent than you can imagine and very often end up with innocent dead and wounded who have only had the misfortune to be on the same road as their unaware of the executioner.
Totally drunk, drugged, distracted, turn what was supposed to be a quiet road trip into a nightmare with consequences not even imaginable.

Driving altered by alcohol and drugs is a crime, that must be clear, and we can no longer tolerate certain unacceptable behaviour that puts at risk the lives of so many, too many, innocent and have no respect for others.
We cannot stand by while an alcoholic lorry driver crosses the wrong highway for three kilometres.

We cannot stand by while a father distracts himself that while doing a post on Facebook loses control of the car and his 13-year-old son gets killed while his 9-year-old brother is very serious in hospital.

Perhaps before driving some individuals should make sure that they have taken with them even common sense, surely we will all be quieter…




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