Three girls, three big women

Olga, a teenager who, at the age of 17, challenged the police in Russia by reading the Constitution. The policemen surrounded them armed to the teeth but she did not let herself be intimidated and continued to read, read for freedom of expression, read to show that one can go against the prevailing thought.

She was taken away but he always had the Constitution in his hands. An act of defiance and rebellion that cannot be missed.

Malala Yousafzai, heroine of women’s education, who is fighting for girls to be able to grow up free and to cultivate their dreams, so that they can decide for themselves and without pressure how to live their future.

She was almost killed for her commitment to the girls but she didn’t give up and now she lives in Britain, she received the Nobel Peace Prize. She always says that a child, a book and a pen can change the world.

Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish student who brought the climate issue to the fore and is shouting to the whole world that we no longer have time, that we risk suffocating in our own waste. We need to start acting now, because we don’t have a planet b where we can take refuge, the Earth is sick and we can’t turn around anymore.

She began by doing the “strike on Friday” in front of the Swedish Parliament; then her movement spread throughout the world and now she is no longer alone, millions of young people are protesting for a cleaner planet and are no longer afraid to say what they think.

Olga, Malala, Greta are three girls and three great women who can be an example to many.





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