SuperCat show

Do you want to spend a different weekend, full of tenderness and pampering?

If you love cats maybe this event can be suitable for you.

In Rome there is the Supercat show, a special event dedicated to cats. You can see the most beautiful cats, more affectionate, …. but of course there will also be so many cats who need a family that on take care of them.

The spaces for adoption are made especially to find a loving family that takes care of our little feline friends and so why not choose to share with one or more cats our house and our life?

Cats are beautiful and somewhat mysterious animals, discreet but very affectionate and can become our best friends, give us love and safety, help us to face better and with more energy the challenges of life, can help us to overcome our saddest moments.

Then cats have always been the best friends of a woman, and this is because cats are a bit like us women, mysterious and complicated, discreet but able to wave of tenderness, they know to be behind the scenes but they are essential.

I leave you an important link where you can find all the necessary information and even more.

If you want to tell me your relationship with cats or for anything else I expect numerous comments.

MEOW, enjoy your reading!!!!




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