Cats, a continuous discovery

Most of us love cats and there are many cat owners who claim that their pet has extraordinary qualities. From today we have one more reason to believe it, in fact it has been discovered that cats somehow manage to associate names with faces and recognize their peers and their masters. It seems that they … More Cats, a continuous discovery


SuperCat show

Do you want to spend a different weekend, full of tenderness and pampering? If you love cats maybe this event can be suitable for you. In Rome there is the Supercat show, a special event dedicated to cats. You can see the most beautiful cats, more affectionate, …. but of course there will also be so … More SuperCat show

Dogs and cats

Everyone likes to have the company of a pet. They give us joy, serenity, carelessness and are close to us in the saddest moments. This article of mine that came out a few days ago gives you some advice on how to make them known and live together. Happy reading and I recommend you never … More Dogs and cats

No to the furs!!!

Do the animals love us, are there near in all that beautiful and ugly moments of the life. Whether to accept the furs from kept animals in a so small gabbietta that you/they go crazy at the end? We cannot bear anymore that animals are raised only for their fur, without love and without future. … More No to the furs!!!