The art is closer

There are 100 works of art that will return to the local museums and will leave the large national exhibition spaces.

The art becomes closer, more accessible to all and finally it prepares to meet the general public. If many could not go to the great national museums because too far away, uncomfortable or for any other reason now the works of art are preparing to arrive in small local museums that have nothing to envy compared to their national “big brothers”, indeed.

In small museums there are often hidden real little known pearls that can leave everyone speechless, that have many things to tell and to reveal if we just pay a little attention.

So why, for once, do not we leave the great national museums in the background and decide to see those small local museums that will be small but are full of unknown treasures but beautiful?

Have you already visited the local museums? Tell me your impressions in the comments, I expect you numerous.

And remember that art can be anywhere, just look for it!!!




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