Weather mania

Raise your hand if you haven’t looked at the weather forecast.

We probably all give the weather a quick check before we go out. We want to know if it will rain, whether there will be a heat wave or a cold wave, whether we will have to bring an umbrella or a nice pair of sunglasses, and maybe for us women choose a moisturizer with sunscreen.

We’ve all become experts at watching the weather forecast and dressing accordingly. This summer to know if and when the rain would come, which we had and still need today, almost all of us looked at the weather at least once a day.

We are interested in the sky, the clouds, the sun and the rain, everything that has to do with the stars. We human beings have always looked at what happens in heaven and tried to know if and how this can affect what happens on Earth, our life and what happens to us every day.

Our culture is full of astral messages, more or less veiled, and it is for the same reason that some of us every day read the horoscope to know how the day will go.

Of course, meteorology is a science that is based on delicate calculations and physics, but in the end we humans always need to look at the sky and the stars to know how to dress and what to do. For example, if we have planned a trip out of town and the forecast says that it will most likely rain, we will almost certainly postpone the trip and choose something else to do indoors.

And do you often look at the weather? Are you interested in horoscopes? Let me know many in the comments.



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