A blog to follow

This time I want to report a blog that I think is worth following.

I know, it seems like one of those phrases you put on for circumstance, to please someone. But I didn’t know this blog until very recently.

I didn’t know travel blogs so well done, and not with the usual trite and rhythmic phrases. A blog that looks at culture, quality food and always looks for some good places to visit that are not the usual tourist-attracting things. Of course, there are also the most popular attractions, but there are also cute little-known places that hide real treasures.

I personally really like this blog and I think I will use it when I look for ideas for my future trip. The blog talks about couple trips but there are indications of where to go, where to sleep, where to eat that are good whatever trip you have in mind.

Tell me if you knew about this blog and if you have already followed some advice for your travels, I will be more than happy to read your experiences in the comments.

Now I bet you’re curious about what blog I’m talking about. Simple, it’s https://www.miprendoemiportovia.it/

And now you do not want to travel? I do!!!!!!!



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