2023 in the name of culture

2023 has arrived, with all the good intentions, dreams, aspirations,….

And there is nothing better than starting the new year with a beautiful exhibition, a beautiful cultural initiative… for a very special year full of emotions.

Starting the new year with something cultural is the best, it is what makes us feel new emotions, it is what makes us move. Art has great power, it communicates dreams and feelings, it touches the deepest strings of our deep self, it makes us believe that there is still a better world in which fantasy, dreams are still important.

When we see a work of art we feel calm and satisfied, we feel calm, we forget for a while our daily worries and we enter a magical world and we totally immerse ourselves in the works, in their history.

To know what are the best exhibitions and cultural initiatives this year I leave you a link, I found it very useful, where you can see all the best there is from a cultural point of view. North, center, south or islands no matter where you are because art is everywhere, art sometimes hides in the most unexpected places and just waits to be discovered.

All museums always have from cultural initiatives really suitable for everyone, art is fine at any age.

So everybody out and see you around exhibitions and museums.



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