And it’s Christmas…..

Finally we are on Christmas Eve and we all want to celebrate, to leave behind the daily worries and be free to be with the people we love. From tonight we enter the middle of the Christmas holidays and we all prepare something good to put on the table, sweet or salty, regional specialties or … More And it’s Christmas…..


Artistic recipes

If you like cooking and want to give your recipes an artistic touch while waiting for museums and exhibitions to reopen, this is the one for you. A Christmas recipe that you can cook all winter, an artistic recipe that opens the heart and makes everyone taste better. A warm hug to overcome the harsh … More Artistic recipes

Voltage Christmas

It’s a Christmas approaching one voltage: in many areas of the planet breathes an atmosphere laden with hate, the recriminations continue and are increasingly lit. Particularly in France continues the fight of yellow vest against the President, who now threatens Macron really end up in the minority and losing all its electoral outcome, and perhaps … More Voltage Christmas