And it’s Christmas…..

Finally we are on Christmas Eve and we all want to celebrate, to leave behind the daily worries and be free to be with the people we love.

From tonight we enter the middle of the Christmas holidays and we all prepare something good to put on the table, sweet or salty, regional specialties or more complicated dishes to test us and feel at least for these holidays as Michelin starred chefs. Everyone has his rituals, his little quirks, his tastes and his small or great personal traditions.

It’s nice to celebrate Christmas, to find friends, relatives, acquaintances. At midnight the exchange of gifts becomes something magical and delicate, a very sweet and meaningful gesture if it is done with the people we care about the most.

The spirit of Christmas is entering our homes and it is nice to see movies and read books all together with a nice hot chocolate, maybe while we watch from the windows the snow that falls gently. But it is also nice to rediscover exhibitions and museums that open the mind and fill the heart.

Obviously we can not forget who will celebrate Christmas away from home, we can not forget that there are people who can not bring anything to the table because everything is too expensive, that there are people who do not even have a home to go to and will spend these days of celebration on a frosty bench.

The best gift for this Christmas? Peaceful and peaceful days for all. And that they are really bright days also for you readers friends who support me, and bear me, every week.

Merry Christmas!!!!!



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