Voltage Christmas

It’s a Christmas approaching one voltage: in many areas of the planet breathes an atmosphere laden with hate, the recriminations continue and are increasingly lit.

Particularly in France continues the fight of yellow vest against the President, who now threatens Macron really end up in the minority and losing all its electoral outcome, and perhaps even the Presidency. The yellow vests they don’t hang up, are increasingly willing to go all the way, to make their voices heard, to continue their battle against taxes that France would like to impose on the whole Macron.

But even the migration issue because many tensions because it is difficult to solve and you cannot just treat it as a marginal issue or just Italian, because now the question of how to handle the human tide of refugees is truly global. We cannot accommodate everyone, that’s for sure, but we can’t let so many people into the hands of unscrupulous smugglers, so then we must strive and find a way that works for everyone, to avoid so many deaths of innocent people. Yes, because the Mediterranean is taking more and more lives, and who faces the difficulty of finding honest work and all forms of discrimination that must suffer.

At last he thought Russian President Putin to add tension to tension, warning from a possible nuclear escalation.

Seen as things stand we really hope that the future will be better than the present



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