An app against food waste

“Reduce waste and help the Planet. Every year, tons of food are wasted and often are still good foods for which production and preparation has taken time, money and of course environmental resources”. Food waste is one of the great evils of our time. Still good food that is thrown in the dustbin and people who do … More An app against food waste


A good idea for the environment

Robots playing football, revolutionary greenhouses, mobility, new foods but, above all, sustainability and fight against pollution. And an ever more stable link between human and artificial intelligence: Maker Faire 2019 is transformed and becomes a place where to create and grow innovative start-ups that have among their objectives also the well-being of the planet. Because … More A good idea for the environment

Spied on by social

In recent days it has caused the news that millions of accounts of social networks, especially on Facebook, have been intercepted and spied and that the personal data of users have ended up in the hands of an Anglo consulting firm. American who then used them for various purposes. The company Cambridge Analytica would have … More Spied on by social