An app against food waste

“Reduce waste and help the Planet. Every year, tons of food are wasted and often are still good foods for which production and preparation has taken time, money and of course environmental resources”.

Food waste is one of the great evils of our time. Still good food that is thrown in the dustbin and people who do not have to eat that could be fed if only that same food became a gift for the needy.

There are six applications that can help you buy less and give those who need it what they have left. Although very often it’s just a matter of common sense…

Too good to go

Founded in 2015 in Denmark with the aim of combating food waste, the To Good To Go application has expanded and is now present in 14 countries in Europe, has to date over 19 million users and is among the top positions in the App Stores and Google Play throughout Europe. Too Good To Go helps bars, restaurants, bakeries, bakeries, supermarkets and hotels to recover and sell online, with great discounts, unsold food “too good to be thrown away” thanks to Magic Box, bags with a surprise selection of products and fresh dishes that can not be put on sale the next day. Users of the app simply need to geolocate themselves and search for the local members, order their Magic Box, pay through the app and go to collect everything in the specified time slot to find out what’s inside. 


The Regusto app has a long experience in the fight against food waste and inaugurates an innovative European food sharing for charity model. The Regusto platform connects businesses and non-profit entities to manage product stocks and is the first to introduce blockchain technology in the fight against waste, to ensure digitalization and traceability of economic and product flows. The Regusto platform represents “the simple and effective answer to the needs of the third sector: a single tool to optimize the processes of donation and sale of food and non-food products. Transparent, traceable and accessible to all, it is aimed above all at non-profit organizations that have a valuable tool to easily find and manage donations and purchases of the necessary products”. And we also think of companies that have an alternative channel to manage the warehouse and simplify and track donation and sales operations.


Also BestBefore aims to save from waste products expiring, those imperfect or end of stock. It is not really an antispreco app but an online platform where discounted products can be searched by expiration date or category. On the platform are the products of Italian food and wine, offered at discounted prices up to 50%. The product batches are, in fact, loaded 14 days before expiry and remains available for purchase for 7 days with a progressive discount that starts from 5% up to 50% discount to 7 days.  Everything is done online and within 48 hours the products are delivered to your home.

My Foody

My Foody aims to reduce food waste and make sure supermarkets are no longer seen as a place of waste. Myfoody is the app with which you can discover expired and discounted products in the nearest supermarkets. A network that also allows you to choose products that otherwise should be quickly discarded because they are close to expiration, are aesthetically not beautiful or a bit ‘ruined, maybe from a hailstorm. Once you have purchased the products online, at an advantageous and discounted price, of course, you just have to go to the store to collect them.


Many foods do not come on the market because they are in excess, with cosmetic or packaging defects, or with a short deadline. ThinkAbout with the NO.W project! proposes a “virtuous circle that reduces this food waste by creating synergies between environmentally friendly companies, their workers and food producers”. Workers are also making money: for them it is a green platform where they can buy food products at a high discount, which are delivered directly to the company or at home. Thanks to this app, producers also have the opportunity to communicate once a week which foods cannot be sold. The company’s employees will thus be able to purchase the products and receive them directly in the company promoting the sustainable distribution chain that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

Bring the food

The Bring the food app is great both to avoid food waste and to help all those charities that care for people in need. BringTheFood, is a web application for use by charities for the management of food donations, allows you to scale operations, increasing the recovery capacity, simplifying data management and enabling volunteers to operate in a more efficient and targeted manner. All donations pass through private networks and are visible only to those directly concerned and then to the organizations and volunteers connected to each specific donor. The use of BringTheFood allows donors to carry out precise analyses of the waste generated and, consequently, to introduce effective waste reduction policies.


Tell me what you think, or if you have already used one of these apps in the comments.



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