Spied on by social

In recent days it has caused the news that millions of accounts of social networks, especially on Facebook, have been intercepted and spied and that the personal data of users have ended up in the hands of an Anglo consulting firm. American who then used them for various purposes.

The company Cambridge Analytica would have spied on millions of accounts with the approval of the same summits of the most loved and used social with the purpose of influencing important events like the US elections of 2016 and the election campaign in various countries. The founder of Facebook has publicly apologized to the users and admitted his faults of non-vigilance but really from now on our personal data will be safe? Who can give us the certainty that our privacy on the net is really protected by the data prohunters for commercial and electoral purposes?

The vast majority of social users use data as Exchange merchandise for advertising purposes and very often advertising is harassing and inadequate. The feeling of being treated as merchandise is making its way in many users who are losing confidence in who should keep personal data and private chats safe.

And you, dear readers of this blog, do you still trust when you post on social or have become more suspicious?
Let me know in the comments.




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