Brexit danger and chaos immigration: is the end of the European Union?


Amidst the chaos in the management of the human tide of refugees with a real danger of the end of the Shengen Treaty, Britain’s possible exit from the Union and many countries which raise walls and barriers to their borders for the EU this February 2016 is just a bad time.

This week in Brussels is discussing how to meet the needs of the United Kingdom without questioning the pillars of a United Europe and of how to deal with the immigration emergency that grows more and more across the continent. Until now, the heads of State and Government of the twenty-eight Member States have not been able to speak with one clear voice and to find concrete solutions to help those who really need international protection because run from war zones and repel those who leave their country just to try their luck abroad.

The problems we face are many, but for now has not gone beyond the words of ritual and promises: it is evident that so you can’t move forward. Some Eastern European countries have asked for help several times, but they have received no answers and so they decided to raise walls and barriers on the border to restrict the influx of refugees; these days even the Austria decided to restore the controls at border crossing points-even over the Brenner pass-and raise a barbed wire fence.

As for the Brexit the question is more complex, but even then it will be necessary to properly evaluate the pros and cons of a possible Britain’s exit from the Union: you may create a dangerous domino effect that could also lead to the end of a United Europe. What is certain is that until the Brussels institutions will speak with one voice and put forward concrete proposals to solve the problems, also other countries, not only the United Kingdom, may want to leave the European project.

Will the European institutions make themselves worthy of the trust placed in them and in their work by the continent?




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