Are we really sure about what we eat?


After the withdrawal of Mars bars, fish soup of the brand “Ondina” on a chain of discount well known and German beer containing herbicide, it is worth asking whether we are really sure of what we eat.

Recently, cases of food fraud increased alarmingly and it is normal that consumers feel the need to have more assurances about what they’re putting on the table. Unfortunately when it comes to foods zero risk never existed because there is always the possibility of contamination with toxic or polluting substances, but we all want at least to be sure that during the production process and food processing was done everything possible to avoid contact between the food we will eat and any toxic or harmful to health.

More and more often we hear of expired, damaged parquet seized food in poor condition or kept in very dirty or unsuitable places; the police are trying their best to remove from circulation these foods before they are placed on the market, but sometimes it doesn’t succeed, and then it’s up to us consumers pay close attention to what we buy.

Usually more seizures are made in the days before the holidays such as Christmas or Easter: some dishonest traders and some restaurateurs sell for food quality foods we instead have already expired or poorly preserved, taking advantage of the fact that many people on holidays they organize lunches and dinners with many guests in their own home or premises.

The only weapons that we have as consumers, to protect ourselves from fraud are read labels carefully, wary of the price too low and pay attention to the colours too bright foods that may have been artificially coloured with toxic dyes (recently broke the scandal of olive green colored with a highly harmful substance too because for human health).

I hope with this post to keep you reflect on food safety, my friends and readers, because this affects our health and that of future generations.



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