All the women of the world


Today is international women’s Day March 8, and like every year is natural to ask if there’s really been steps forward in the long process of improving the status of women in the world.

Many, too many are still women who in many parts of the world suffer because oppressed by religious conventions and superstitions that wants segregated at home and deprived of all rights. Just think of how many are still child brides that for ignorance and for very little money being made to marry men much older than them that humiliate and undergo all kinds of violence; These girls are forced into sexual relations and parts too early and this puts at risk their health and their future development.

Many are still girls who walk kilometers on foot every day to go to school and learn with the hope of having a better future; for many women the right to education is still denied and this precludes them to inquire and break the chains that keep them tied to a world that is now outdated.

Often it’s the same families that prevent girls from having their own autonomous life and prefer to keep them at home rather than send them to school and allow them to have a serious education; According to ancient traditions, women should learn just to take care of the house and kids and not a serious work that enables them independent living.

Even in the West, a woman’s life is not easy: besides the work a woman must also take care of their children and any elderly relatives, women’s salaries are smaller than the male as well as pensions and some roles are still closed to women.

An educated woman who thinks with their head is scary for all those who see in women’s empowerment a threat; just think of the young Malala Yousafzai and his commitment to girls ‘ education was badly wounded by the Taliban.

With the hope of a clear improvement of the situation of women in the world, a warm greeting to all those women who fight for their rights and they want to assert their value and hence will not surrender to be considered the weaker sex.




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