Earth Hour 2016


Tomorrow at 20:30 will be celebrated Worldwide Earth Hour, an event strongly backed by environmental organization WWF with the express purpose of raising all on how important the respect for nature and the environment and the risks that we are if we don’t do something to stop climate change.

From 20:30 to 21:30 many important buildings and monuments, symbols of larger cities and people on the planet will turn off: the Empire State Building in New York, the Sydney’s Opera House, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and many others.

The initiative, now in its tenth edition, wants to be a moment of reflection, but at the same time proposes concrete initiatives that concern impact reduction and consumption as a function of sustainability, renewable energy, waste management, food waste reduction and sustainable forest management.

All initiatives related to earth hour will be widely advertised on social media, so as to involve youngsters who use mostly Internet to stay informed; the most active on the Internet will also turn off symbolically their Facebook profile and post photos of their personal initiatives.  It is the younger, according to a poll commissioned by the WWF, complaining about the lack of media coverage of green initiatives on the part of traditional media.

Earth hour was created to remind everyone that we have a planet only available and that natural resources are not infinite; for this it is important to recycle and manage all that nature has to offer. Extreme events that recently have been increasing their frequency and intensity are a clear signal that our beautiful blue planet is suffering because of climatic changes and needs our help.

All information about the events is available at




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