The reconquest of Palmyra, a victory for art



The news that the city of Palmyra, an archaeological and historical treasure, was reconquered is a big win for art and history; too often in war zones the historical artifacts are looted and destroyed, and finally the city of Palmyra will be restored to duty.
The city had fallen into the hands of men in black of the self-styled Caliphate in May last year and has since started the ravages of ancient temples, just because in the minds of the insane extremists ancient places of worship dedicated to the gods were not complying with Islamic law.  From April could start the restoration works and it is thought that by the end of the year the city called “the bride of the desert” because of its beauty, could return to its former glory, ready to be admired by all lovers of history and art.
Art and history have proven to be stronger than terrorism and power resist the attacks of those who, like the men in black of ISIS, would destroy them and forget them.
The conquest of Palmyra is also important from a military standpoint because it shows that the positions of the self-styled Islamic State are weakening and because it represents a strategic step to conquering other cities until now considered impregnable strongholds of Islamist militants and especially the city of Raqqa, the true capital of the Caliphate.
As more localities in the ISIS fall, we can discover all the devastation and looting perpetrated against museums and other cultural institutions and all the horrors and the abuses to which it was subjected the civilian population between summary executions and unspeakable violence against women and children.
The real hope is that the recapture of Palmira leaves the defeat of terrorism and the rebirth of normal life in these areas beautiful but battered by years of war with no holds barred.




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