The birth of a new Libya


Two days ago, took office in Libya a new Government led by Prime Minister designated by the international community Fayez Al Serraj, with the daunting task of bring a country deeply riven into factions.
By 2011, the year of the fall of the Gaddafi  regime, Libya is living a nightmare: broke a raging civil war that has split the country, so as to lead to the birth of two Governments, one Islamist in Tripoli and one Western wire recognised by the United Nations in Tobruk. In fact the Division inside the battered North African country is not so simple because there are many groups and more or less small factions vying for power. Libyan Sunrise, Ansar al Sharia some groups within what should be the Libyan national army and the self-styled Islamic State are some of the many.
The Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia is responsible for many atrocities against the civilian population, especially women and children, and some of its prominent members are the killers who attacked the Embassy of the United States in 2012 in which the Ambassador Stevens was brutally killed.
The Islamic State began to gain a foothold in Libya from the city of Derna and since then has never stopped trying to expand its influence in the country, and to do that has never hesitated to use violence, including rape and mass executions.
Power in Libya remains fragmented among many groups and factions that are fighting each other for supremacy with no holds barred and generalized chaos in the only draw some benefit are the militiamen in black of the self-styled Caliphate, unscrupulous arms dealers and warlords, drugs and human beings who take advantage of the situation to lead their shady deals.
The new Government is facing a situation nothing short of disastrous and it won’t be easy to merge the country; the only hope is that soon there will be lasting peace also in Libya.


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