European Union increasingly divided


The referendum with which Dutch citizens have said a clear and firm no to the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine demonstrated once more that the 28 Member States of the Union have never been so divided. For a long time now, within what was supposed to be a Europe finally United under common ideals after WWII, exudes an air of tension and fragmentation in which the Community institutions are unable to resolve the major problems of the contemporary world, ranging from immigration emergency to the danger of international terrorism.

The fact that in the face of growing human tide of refugees who are knocking on doors of the European continent and jostle at borders with the vain hope of a better future, EU Member States are progressing in no particular order and chaotic to find a solution to the problem of acceptance and many have decided to build walls and barriers to prevent access of migrants in their territory , says a lot about how many and how profound are the disagreements within the Union. Only yesterday Austria also threatened to close the frontier if Brenner will not cease or at least will limit the flow of migrants.

The birth of so many new parties clearly Eurosceptics and their growing influence on public opinion derives precisely from the fact that Community institutions are proving to be able to react quickly and in the most fair to the new challenges that lie ahead in this 21st century.

Between increasing thrusts to the abandonment of the Union from within and increasingly large and pressing dangers that come from the outside, maybe the outcome of the Dutch referendum and the outcome of the referendum on the Brexit to be held in June will determine the end of a United Europe as we have known it until now.



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