In memory of Daphne

The woman in the photo is the Maltese blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia, author of one of the blogs most followed by the inhabitants of the small island of the Mediterranean. Daphne was also an investigative journalist who discovered in time almost all the dirty business and corruption in the high spheres of Maltese politics, so … More In memory of Daphne

The desire for independence in Catalonia

In Catalonia, the desire for independence has never been so much: millions of people have shown in Barcelona to ask for the definitive separation from the government of Madrid, considered oppressive and also contrary to the will of the Catalan people. The Spanish government is accused by the Catalan independence of clip the wings to … More The desire for independence in Catalonia

Terror in London

Fear in London this morning: at 8:20 local time an explosion in a subway wagon, the mythical tube, has created panic among travelers who every day use the train to go to work or study. The whole city has fallen into the nightmare of terrorism that has already hit the British capital, causing deaths and … More Terror in London

Are we approaching to the end of the European Union?

While the Brexit is becoming a reality, even in Greece you are rekindling the debate whether to stay in the eurozone or abandon forever the community project. The Greece, crushed under the weight of seven uninterrupted years of austerity imposed by the Community authorities to cope with the huge Greek government debt, are seriously thinking … More Are we approaching to the end of the European Union?