Forza Venezia!!!

Venice, beautiful city and also very delicate. After so much neglect and so much offense he is now on his knees. Everything has gone underwater and many shopkeepers can no longer get up, people are crying their eyes out in front of what were their homes until Tuesday. Faced with so much destruction, with the … More Forza Venezia!!!

For remember

9 November 1989 the Berlin Wall collapses. Historical day, the day that changed the way we saw history. From that moment on, the whole world looked bigger, with no borders. It must be a warning not to forget, a warning not to build more walls but to establish a true and transparent dialogue between the … More For remember

Debate on the Dublin rules

Today I want to report an interesting interview given to the broadcaster Euronews by the European Union commissioner for Migrations Dimitris Avramopoulos. We are talking about the Dublin Regulation and its possible amendments in order to cope with the current migratory emergency. Here is the link:—eus-migration-commissioner-reflects-on-divisions Good vision.